How to use Freshdesk-Azure DevOps Connector app by IntegrateCloud

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How to use Freshdesk-Azure DevOps Connector app by IntegrateCloud follow the below steps:

In the app we have 3 options.

  1. New Work Items which contains Bug, Epic, Feature, Task and User Story.
  2. Link to Work Item.
  3. Notify.
  1. How to create Work-item in VSTS/Azure DevOps from Freshdesk.
  • Click on Bug to create a new Bug in Freshdesk Visual studio Azure DevOps.
  • Add in all the necessary details like Project, Priority, Acceptance Criteria, Custom Fields (if required) etc.
  • After Clicking on Create Bug button User will receive a message “Work item has been created successfully”.

  • As User Clicks on the Work Item Number User will be redirected to the Visual studio Azure DevOps Work Item Number.
  • In the same simple manner, the User can create Feature Epic & Task just by adding required info.
  1. Link to work item.
  • Users can link One Work Items.
  • When User Clicks on Link button User will see below “Work item has linked successfully.”
  • Work Item can be seen linked in the App.
  1. Notify

  • User can Notify by using the Notify options in the App.
  • After the User Click on Send User gets the following message below “Message has been posted successfully”
  • Notification in AzureDevops from Freshdesk App.
  • Give your customer support team easy access to the information they need using the Show Work Item Comment History Icon.
  • See details about work items linked to a Freshdesk ticket, including Current State, Area, Priority etc.

See the App in action.

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