How to create JIRA API token and Freshdesk API key

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How to create JIRA API token

For JIRA API Token: — As below.
In order to use the JIRA app on FreshDesk user need to create a token (password) need to grant access to your JIRA Instance.
  1. Create an API token from your Atlassian account:
    1. Log in to
    2. Click API tokens, then Create an API token.
    3. Use Copy to clipboard, and paste the token to your script, or elsewhere:

How to create Freshdesk API token key

For Freshdesk API Key: — As below.
  1. Login into your Freshdesk Account with admin access.

Click on the Right side Icon — — — — -> Profile Settings.

  1. On the Right Side of the Page user can see “Your API Key”.

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