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Connect your customer support software Zendesk via Zendesk Slack Connector.

Zendesk Integration — Slack.

Success for a great software development, Tester Team or any other team is with the help of great communication between them. Slack is an great software filling the gap between Customer support Software & Rest of the Team.

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How to Install the Zendesk Slack Integration.

Quick steps

  1. Sign up for Zendesk or use your existing account.
  2. User must redirect himself to Zendesk from Market Place & search for IntegrateCloud Connector for Slack — Lite V2
  1. Click on the Install button.
  1. Click on the Install button of the Popup & user will be redirected to Zendesk Market Place Page where user can Install the Zendesk Slack Connector.
  1. Click on the Install button of the Zendesk Slack Connector.
  1. User can verify the Zendesk Slack Connector installed in Zendesk Manage Place.

How to Setup the Zendesk Slack Connector.

  1. User will Create a New Ticket or will open an existing Ticket and find the App.
  1. Click on Add to Slack button
  2. As the User Clicks on Add to Slack button user will be redirected to a Slack`s Web Page for Authorize.
  1. As the User clicks on Authorized button User will be redirected & requested to enter Zendesk Credentials.
  1. Above if the User is using password to Authenticate then he may not click on the token Check Box. User has to Enter his Zendesk Email id, Zendesk Password & the Zendesk URL as shown above.
  2. Once the Authentication is completed the User will be redirected to other page where he will be shown Authentication Success Message & User will be asked to refresh the Zendesk Page.
  1. Slack App in Zendesk.

How to use the App

In the app we have 2 Buttons

  1. Message Slack
  2. Settings.

Message Slack

  1. Message Slack button helps the user to send message from the Zendesk Ticket Page directly into Slack Channel or a Particular Person.
  1. When user clicks on Send Slack Message the processes is completed & success message is received “Message Posted Successfully”.
  1. Posted Message in Slack
  1. User can use Tags from Slack to reply to the Zendesk Ticket.


  1. User can use the Setting Button to set a Default Channel or Individual Person.

For E.g. If the user decides to set a default Channel or someone User can do it via settings.

  1. As the user clicks on Save Settings a message is received as “Settings saved successfully!!!”
  • For more information please refer to the below link.

Help Article for Setup

  • To install the app please click on the following:

Install App

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