How to use the Zendesk -Clubhouse connector app by integratecloud

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How to use Zendesk -Clubhouse App by IntegrateCloud follow the below steps:

Install the Zendesk-Clubhouse app from the marketplace using the below Link

Key features to Use Zendesk Clubhouse App by IntegrateCloud.

In the app, we have 4 options.

  1. New Story
  2. Link Story
  3. Post comments
  4. Linked Tickets

New Story

Link Story

This tab allows to Link existing Clubhouse Stories to Zendesk.

Post a Comment

As the name describes Post a Comment allows user to post a comment to the Clubhouse story.

Posted Comment in Clubhouse.

Linked Tickets.

Users can see which Zendesk Ticket Id is linked to which Clubhouse Story Id.

Users can also export the data in XLS, XLSX, & CSV format.

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