Zendesk Workfront Integration

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The Zendesk Workfront integration enables seamless communication and collaboration between Zendesk, a customer support platform, and Workfront, a project management tool. With this integration, you can:

  • Sync tickets and tasks: Tickets created in Zendesk can be automatically synced as tasks in Workfront, ensuring that customer requests are tracked and assigned to the appropriate team members.
  • Two-way data sync: Changes made in either Zendesk or Workfront are automatically reflected in the other system, keeping both platforms up-to-date with the latest information.
  • Ticket/task details and notes: Ticket details, including customer information, issue description, and any updates, can be synced between Zendesk and Workfront, allowing your teams to access and collaborate on ticket information in either platform.
  • Status and priority updates: If a ticket's status or priority is updated in Workfront, the information is synced back to Zendesk, ensuring that support agents have visibility into any changes made in Workfront.
  • Automatic task creation: When a ticket is created or updated in Zendesk, tasks can be automatically created or updated in Workfront, streamlining the workflow for your project management team.
  • Account synchronization: Customer account information in Workfront can be synced with Zendesk, providing your support team with access to customer details when handling tickets.
  • Time tracking and reporting: The integration allows for tracking time spent on tickets in Zendesk and syncing it with Workfront's time tracking and reporting features, helping you monitor team productivity and project progress.

By integrating Zendesk with Workfront, you can enhance collaboration between your customer support and project management teams, streamline workflows, and ensure that information is accurate and consistent across both platforms.

Please find Zendesk Workfront Integration in the Zendesk marketplace.

With Zendesk – Workfront integration, you can quickly create Workfront work items based on the Zendesk tickets in one place. Users of Workfront can sync between Azure Workfront and Zendesk as well as synced comments and status from Workfront to Zendesk as well.

What Is Integration In Workfront?

Integrate Cloud can help you integrate across your organization both on-premise and cloud-based applications. Cloud data access and use can be automated.

How Do You Integrate Zendesk with Workfront?

Get it free after installing Zendesk on your Workfront organization. Just follow the instructions.

How to install and setup Integrate Cloud Zendesk-Workfront connector

Does Zendesk Integration with Workfront?

With Workfront Services on the foundation as well as Workfront Server, this feature lets companies integrate both at once. The product teams could potentially submit work to Zendesk. Workfront is their development team.

How Do You Integrate Zendesk with Workfront?

Click on Add Workfront Connector after choosing Workfront connector from the list.

Connecting your team members can be done by clicking Add.

Choose the organization (you might also be asked to sign into first), the project and your team from the list.

Is Workfront Continuous Integration?

Visual Studio Team Services (Workfront or Team Foundation Server) features tools and services to assist developers implement DevOps, Continuous Integration, and Continuous deployment processes across projects spanning a variety of development environments.

Can You Use Workfront as Ticketing System?

When using Workfront you know that it is a fantastic tool for projects, so you can use it for a great deal of work in projects, and it provides complete support for project management, so you can get it most suited to your business.

How Do I Create A Ticket In Workfront?

To create the triggering system, you simply open Freshdesk and click on the Trigger button next to a new ticket. This trigger happens instantly.

Your work item created. Work item created. Action writing. Generate a new record from the app or update a record currently.

What Is Ticketing Tools in Workfront?

You can order items, assign people items and track ticket records. Their ability to manage ongoing requests makes them an excellent tool for dealing with ongoing issues, but many organizations shy away from ticketing systems for real-time incident handling owing to their maturity.

What Can Workfront Be Used For?

The Workfront platform provides the ability to plan work, collaborate on code projects, and build systems and applications. By fostering collaborative skills and processes among developers, project managers, and stakeholders, Workfront facilitates the development and deployment of modern software applications.

Can Zendesk Integration with Workfront?

The Zendesk DevOps Extension for Workfront is available to Azure pipeline users via the Zendesk

DevOps application on the Visual Studio Marketplace.

How Does Azure Integrate with Zendesk?

If you wish to create a new account, make sure your work or school account is linked to Azure.

Azure Active Directory can be found in the left pane.


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