How to sync comments and status from Azure DevOps to Zendesk?

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Syncing comments and status from Azure DevOps to Zendesk works in two ways.

Comments syncing

  1. We are providing syncing of all comments from Azure DevOps back to Zendesk. for that please add the @zd as a prefix with the comment.
  1. It will show up in the Zendesk in few minutes (It will take approx 2 to 5 minutes to show in Zendesk)

Status syncing:-

  1. Whenever the user changes the status to Closed in Azure DevOps we are posting the comment as below screenshot in Zendesk also changing Zendesk status as solved in Zendesk.

If you have any custom requirements for Syncing let us know are we are here to customize the syncing and status based on your requirements.

If you have any questions email us at

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