Zendesk -GitHub Connector

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Connect your customer support software Zendesk and development teams using Zendesk GitHub Connector

Zendesk GitHub

  • Connect Zendesk GitHub using IntegrateCloud connector. Better Software Development & it`s service starts with better communication. IntegrateCloud brings all your conversations into one place. Use Zendesk GitHub Connector.
  • Create New Issue for your Github right from Zendesk
  • With the Zendesk GitHub Connector users in Zendesk can quickly create a New Issue from a Zendesk ticket.
  • Quick steps
  1. Sign up for Zendesk or use your existing account.
  2. Get the App and Install it into Zendesk.
  3. Configure the app with your account name.
  4. Open a Zendesk ticket, click Apps, sign in.
  5. Click to create a New Issue.

Know How to use the App.

In the app we have 4 Options.

  1. New Issues.
  2. Link.
  3. Linked Tickets.
  4. Post Comments.

New Issue

  • How to Create New Issue.
  • Adding details in New Issues.
  • Click on Create Issue Button & you will get a message “Issue has been created successfully”
  • User can click on the GitHub Issue number in the message the page will be redirected to the Issue.

Link Issue

Zendesk GitHub Connector

  • User can Link Issue to a existing Zendesk Ticket.
  • As Issue is Linked Successfully Message is received as “Issue has been linked successfully.”
  • Issue Linked to the Zendesk Ticket.

Linked Tickets

  • User can see all the Zendesk Tickets & their corresponding Link Issue.
  • User can Export the Tickets into XLS, XlSX & CSV format.

Post Comment.

User can Post Comment form Zendesk GitHub Connector.

  • When user clicks on Send Button a message is received “Message has been posted successfully.”
  • Posted Comment in GitHub.
  • Comments (View Issue Comment.)
  • Comments shows all the GitHub Information like State, Milestone, Labels, Assignee's etc.
  • User has to just click on the Comments button to see the details.
  • Comment sent form GitHub to Zendesk.
  • User can verify that Comment received from GitHub is visible in Zendesk.
  • For more information please refer to the below link.

How To Setup

  • To install the app please click on the following.

Install App

  • Use Zendesk Asana Connector. See the App in action.

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