How to use Zendesk-Asana connector by integratecloud

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How to use Zendesk - Asana Connector App by IntegrateCloud follow the below steps:

In the app, we have 3 options.

  1. Create Task
  2. Link
  3. Notify

Create task.

  • When clicked on the Create Task button it loads Work Space & Project Name which the user needs to select from the drop-down.
  • Adding details in the Asana Task such as Assignee Name, Followers, Due Date, etc.
  • As the User adds the details & Click on the Create Task button, it will show the message “The Ticket Id Is Successfully Send to Asana Project. New Asana Task Id”
  • User can click on the Asana Task Id in the message the page ill be redirected to the Task.
  • Users can Link 1 or multiple Tasks to a Single ZendeskTicket.
  • As Task is Linked Successfully Message is received as “The Asana task id linked to Zendesk ticket successfully. “

Notify commnets to asana task

  • Notify button allows the Users to send a notification message into the Asana task.

Notification sent to Asana

  • Notification sent Successfully message is received at the end of the popup.

Asana Notification Sent Successfully

  • Notification received in Asana Task.

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