How to install and setup IntegrateCloud Zendesk-Azure DevOps connector private app

Updated by Er. Bahuguna Goyal

Installation: How to install Zendesk-Azure DevOps app

  1. Login to your Zendesk Account with admin access.
  1. Click on Admin Menu.
  1. Click on Manage - - -> Upload Private App to upload and install your private app in your instance of Zendesk Support.
  1. Enter the App Name & Zip File & Click Upload.
  1. Click on Upload button.
  1. Click on Install button.
  1. Once the installation is complete you can see the App in Manage.

Configure the app

  1. Open any existing zendesk ticket and find the above installed app in app section.
  1. Authenticate VSTS Account.
For creating VSTS token please find here Azure DevOps (VSTS) Token Creation
  1. After Authentication user can see the App.

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