How to use the App (Step 4 – Setup Trial).

Updated by Er. Bahuguna Goyal

In the app we have 3 options.
  1. New Work Items which contains Bug, Epic, Feature, Task and User Story.
  2. Link to Work Item and Notify Work item.
  1. Click on Bug to create new Bug in Freshdesk Visual studio Azure DevOps.
  1. Add in all the necessary details like Project, Priority, Acceptance Criteria, Custom Fields (if required) etc.
  1. After Clicking on Create Bug button User will receive a message “Work item has been created successfully”.
  1. As User Clicks on the Work Item Number User will be redirected to the Visual studio Azure DevOps Work Item Number.
  1. In the same simple manner User can create Feature Epic & Task just by adding required info.
  2. 2. Link to Work Item. User can link One Work Items.

  1. When User Clicks on Link button User will see below “Work item has linked successfully.

  1. Work Item can be seen linked in the App.

  1. User can Notify by using the Notify options in the App.

  1. After User Click on Send User gets the following message below “Message has been posted successfully

  1. Notification in AzureDevops from Freshdesk App.

  1. Give your customer support team easy access to the information they need using the Show Work Item Comment History Icon

  1. See details about work items linked to a Freshdesk ticket, including Current State, Area, Priority etc.

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