Zendesk Reminder App By IntegrateCloud

Updated by Kelly watts

IntegrateCloud creates an easy way to create ticket reminders and get notified through email or SMS . Support teams can easily create and edit ticket reminders, right within the zendesk platform.

  • App is displayed in the Zendesk sidebar, next to a ticket.
  • Easily create new ticket reminders by clicking on the Add reminder button
  • List all your ticket reminders.
  • List reminders for the entire company.
  • Set the timezone for the proper notification time.

Note: The Zendesk reminder app is available for free! However under the free plan, you are limited to 5 sms/month.For more information, please visit our website at https://integratecloud.com

for any help related to setup, please visit to our support website https://support.integratecloud.com

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